Bridge Safety Inspections and Evaluations

Inspecting the safety of vehicular bridges and structures.

The Tucson Airport Authority (TAA) requested the safety inspection and evaluation of two bridges, three box culverts, and the main departure vehicular deck bridge located at the Tucson International Airport. The National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS) sets the national standard for proper safety inspection and evaluation of bridges and all structures defined as highway bridges (herein referred to as Bridges) and located on a public road. The TAA shall determine whether the Bridges are located on a public road as defined in the NBIS, Code of Federal Regulations, and whether the NBIS regulations apply. Bridges identified by the TAA as a highway bridge located on a non-public road will be inspected and evaluated using similar NBIS procedures but defined as a non-NBIS structure.

Terminal Building Structure

Dibble will provide professional engineering services consisting of NBIS and/or non-NBIS Bridge Inspections of each of the bridges referenced above in accordance with 23 CFR 650.313 and the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) Bridge Inspection Guidelines. The Bridge inspections will consist of an Initial Inspection unless previously inspected in accordance to NBIS regulations and ADOT Bridge Inspection Guidelines.


Tucson Airport Authority

Tucson, AZ

Structural Engineering

Project Lifecycle

An Initial Inspection is defined as the first inspection of a bridge as it becomes part of the Bridge File, when there has been a change in the configuration of the Bridge such as widening or lengthening, or when there has been a change in ownership. An Initial Inspection would be conducted from the deck, ground or elevated levels, and consists of a hands-on and visual inspection with field measurements in order to provide all Structure Inventory and Appraisal (SI & A) data and other relevant data and to determine baseline structural conditions.

Terminal Building Structure Inspection

Building Material Assessment

Any bridge with an existing Bridge File and previously inspected in accordance with NBIS regulations will consist of a Routine Inspection. A Routine Bridge Inspection is defined as a regularly scheduled inspection consisting of observations and/or limited measurements needed to determine the physical and functional condition of a Bridge, to identify any changes from initial or previously recorded conditions, and to ensure the Bridge continues to satisfy present service requirements. A Routine Inspection would be conducted from the deck and ground levels and consist of a visual inspection with limited measurements only.

Inspection of Vehicular Desk Bridge