Maricopa County: MSCO Impound & Warehouse Parking Lot

Dibble provided civil engineering services associated with the parking lot pavement improvements at the Vehicle Impoundment and Parts Warehouse near the southeast corner of 35th Avenue and Durango Street, within the Durango Jail Complex.

Previously, the parking lot did not include on-site retention, and the lot was subject to flooding. Dibble provided a study consisting of two options to repair or repave the existing parking area, demo the existing concrete footings/pads, correct the sink hole areas, as well as convey the stormwater off of the pavement more effectively in order to preserve it and possibly identify areas where retention could be added to prevent stormwater from sitting on the asphalt for long periods of time.

Dibble conducted a schematic level parking lot study and drafted a site plan with a number of options. The client agreed upon the final design and an all new parking lot was built.

Paving of new parking lot


Maricopa County

Phoenix, AZ

civil engineering

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