Dibble Attends AZ Water 97th Annual Conference & Exhibition

Dibble attended the AZ Water 97th Annual Conference on April 23-25, 2024. We enjoyed the opportunity to share insights and make meaningful connections with colleagues and industry leaders.

During the conference, four Dibble employees had the opportunity to present on exciting topics in water and wastewater management.

Keith Faucett, PE, Utilities Senior Project Manager – Northwest Outfall Interceptor Sewer Siphon: Building Bridges to Solve Problems. Keith shared innovative solutions in wastewater management that our team learned from the recent Northwest Outfall Interceptor Sewer project.

Arno Leskinen, PE, Utilities Senior Project Manager and Patrick Womack (City of Phoenix) – Revamping Phoenix’s Standards for Corrosion-Resistant Coatings in Public Sewers. Arno and Patrick presented on the latest updated City of Phoenix requirements for approval of protective coating products for sewer systems.

Jon Woods, PhD, PE, Structural Senior Project Manager – Accelerated Process to Predict Long-Term Performance of Manhole Coatings for City of Phoenix. Jon shared insights from the City of Phoenix’s processes related to manhole coatings.

Jake Nelson, PE, Utilities Senior Project Manager, Shane O’Brien (Garney Construction), and Lance Webb (City of Mesa) – Sustainability Built into Central Mesa Reuse Pipeline. Jake, Shane, and Lance shared about how sustainable practices are shaping the future of water management.

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Rebecca Argo