Dibble Leads ACEC’s STEM Game Day at ASU

On April 30, 2024, Dibble led middle school students on a captivating journey through Arizona State University’s (ASU’s) football stadium, showcasing the STEM careers that make game day possible.

Zach Lambros, PE, Land Development Project Engineer, spearheaded the event and shared his thoughts on why events like these are crucial for connecting students with engineering:

“The STEM Game Day events are a way professionals in the engineering industry can connect with students on what engineering is and what it is capable of. The entire city uses what we design and build, but only a few people notice the amazing infrastructure around them. These events open students’ eyes to engineering in the real world and showcase it in the framework of a game day experience. Everyone sees the game being played on the field, but think about all the engineering it took to provide fans with that experience. We are showing these students what engineering can do and that they can be a part of the impact of this industry.

“Growing up, I regularly played with Legos and drew up scenes in Microsoft Paint. I did not know then that those activities were a kid’s version of design and construction. In high school, I was part of mission trips to Mexico, where students and teachers built homes for the less fortunate who did not have a home. This experience not only opened my eyes to the world of engineering and construction, but I saw how real people can be impacted directly by our work. Impacting a few families in this way eventually led to a much bigger scale of developing infrastructure to serve the entire city. Similar to how the Mexico mission trips opened my eyes to the world of engineering, the STEM Game Day events present engineering to students in a relatable way. We hope these events are the start of their engineering career.”

From playing with Legos to making a tangible impact through engineering, Zach’s story exemplifies the transformative potential of STEM education. Dibble is excited to be part of events like STEM Game Day, paving the way for future engineers to realize their potential and make a difference in the world.

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Rebecca Argo