Dibble Participates in ACEC’s STEM Game Day at NAU

Dibble was excited to participate in ACEC’s STEM Game Day stadium tour at Northern Arizona University on April 24, 2024. The event was was a huge success as we led middle school students on an immersive journey through the football stadium and the STEM careers that make game day memorable.

Nicole Neilson, Flood Control Assistant Engineer, shares who and what motivated her to be involved and her thoughts on the experience.

Who motivated you to be involved?
“The first thing that comes to my mind is that Greg Haggerty’s (Dibble’s CEO) genuine passion for this mission to engage with middle school students and motivate our future engineers certainly rubs off on other people and inspired me to take the time to drive up to NAU and help with the stadium tour.”

What motivated you to participate?
“When I was a senior in high school, and I started to think about what degree I wanted to pursue in college, I took my talents with math and a little bit of natural creativity and tried to find a place where they best fit. I had no idea what was involved with civil engineering, and I’m sure I just picked it out of a list, but luckily, my gut was right! The most exciting part about starting my career in civil engineering was when I began to look at the infrastructure I had passed by every day and finally knew what I was looking at and the purpose behind these features.”

What was the event like?
“Game Day at NAU would not have been possible without the unseen engineering behind the scenes. It was such a fun experience to pull back the curtain and show middle school students what it takes to make game day happen! Students could take another look and see the roads that took them to the stadium that day, the geodesic dome that keeps the snow off the field, and the pipes bringing water to the kitchens where their favorite stadium snacks are made. I hope that when these students start to apply to colleges, they remember this event and are inspired to pursue a career in civil engineering!

“This year’s NAU Game Day experience hosted around 160 students from two middle schools in Flagstaff. Several more Flagstaff and Northern Arizona schools heard about the event and are eager to participate next year. This event is a significant opportunity to give generously to our communities and grow the future civil engineers who will build our future stadiums!”

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