Dibble Recognizes National Work Zone Awareness Week

Dibble recognizes National Work Zone Awareness Week – held April 15-19, 2024 – as important in our industry, as we strive to keep our roads safe for everyone.

The theme this year is “Work zones are temporary. Actions behind the wheel can last forever.” In 2022 alone, 891 lives were lost in work zone crashes, according to NHTSA FARS data, with 742 of those being drivers and their passengers. Behind these numbers are families shattered and lives changed forever.

Those working in work zones are someone’s loved ones, friends, and neighbors. Their safety is in our hands.

Together, we can make our roads safer for everyone – stay alert, slow down, and be mindful when approaching and passing through work zones.

For more statistics and information, visit WorkZoneSafety.org.

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Heather Brown