Engineers Week Spotlight – Amzie Cox, PE, RLS

Amzie Cox, PE, RLS, is one of our Survey Managers. With an impressive 19 years at Dibble, Amzie’s dedication shines through. The fact that she is both an engineer and surveyor is no easy feat – she’s captured the best of both worlds.

“I grew up working with my father in his small engineering and surveying business in Bisbee, and I enjoyed working in both fields. I appreciated how they were married to each other and that those who understood both professions could have a real impact on the quality of a project delivered. I chose to be a surveyor with engineering experience because surveying is a profession of true camaraderie that ties modern technology to historical relevance. Even when we use robotic instruments, GPS locations, and drones, we utilize documents and monuments from throughout the history of our nation – following in the footsteps of the surveyors before us. Surveyors themselves may be a little rough around the edges, but there is a genuine sense of community and support. We tie the aspirations of engineers and architects to the real world. Yeah, we are kind of a big deal.”

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