National Public Works Week: Navajo Division of Transportation On-Call

At Dibble, we are proud to be actively involved in supporting the long-term transportation needs of the Navajo Nation! Since 2014, we have been the trusted on-call engineering consultant for the Navajo Division of Transportation (NDOT). This on-call contract touches nearly all aspects of public works.

With our expertise in project management, engineering, environmental resources, and more, we are dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the extensive 14,733 miles of public roads within the Navajo Nation. By providing essential services such as highway and traffic engineering, structural engineering, and construction and road maintenance, we play a crucial role in ensuring safe and efficient transportation for the Navajo people.

Our commitment to preserving the rich cultural heritage of the Navajo Nation is equally important. We work closely with NDOT to integrate environmental and cultural resources into our projects, fostering sustainable development and honoring the Nation’s traditions. Additionally, we extend our support to airport and airfield maintenance, planning, and engineering, contributing to the overall connectivity and accessibility of the Navajo Nation.

Together, we are making a tangible difference in the lives of the Navajo people, ensuring their long-term transportation needs are met while respecting their heritage and the environment.

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Rebecca Argo