Real Solutions: Improving Safety for Vulnerable Road Users

Dibble’s traffic engineering team is leading the way in improving safety and road conditions for vulnerable road users (VRUs).

From pedestrians to wheelchair users, our transportation team is dedicated to incorporating principles that protect VRUs into our traffic study and design projects. Our Director of Traffic Engineering, Seth Chalmers, P.E., even authored the American Traffic Safety Services Association’s (ATSSA’s) policy recommendation on VRUs.

With the rising number of fatalities and injuries related to VRU crashes, prioritizing their safety is more important than ever. Dibble is staying at the forefront of VRU and active transportation trends by studying and designing ways to enhance VRU safety. Our team has completed numerous pedestrian crossing studies and designs for government and private clients, using the USDOT Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Safe Travel for Every Pedestrian (STEP) criteria and the USDOT Safety Data Initiative Pedestrian Fatality Risk Map to provide information on pedestrian crossing risks. As one of FHWA’s Focused Approach Program states for pedestrians and bicycles, VRU planning and design is especially relevant in Arizona.


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Rebecca Argo