Surveyors Week Spotlight – Jason Graham, RLS

Jason Graham, RLS, is Dibble’s Survey Department Manager! With 26 years of land surveying experience in Arizona and the greater Southwest region, Jason has been an invaluable leader of the Dibble Survey team for the past 11 years. His expertise and dedication have played an important role in our company.

Surveying isn’t just a job for Jason – it’s a passion. He understands the intrinsic value of surveying to all of Dibble’s work. As he aptly puts it, “Without a solid survey, nothing solid can be built from it.” That’s the essence of his commitment to excellence.

Jason’s superpower is adaptability. He is always ready to pivot and change course as needed to tackle any challenge head on. Whether navigating complex terrain or overcoming unexpected obstacles, Jason rises to the occasion.

When asked why he loves surveying, Jason shared a quote from his dad that perfectly captures the essence of his passion: “‘I love surveying because it’s the perfect combination of egghead and dirty shirt.'” It’s this blend of technical expertise and hands-on work that fuels Jason’s enthusiasm for surveying.

Join us in celebrating Jason’s outstanding contributions to the field of surveying and the Dibble team!

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Heather Brown