Surveyors Week Spotlight – Steve Duryea, Jr., RLS

Steve Duryea, Jr., RLS, is a Principal Surveyor on Dibble’s Survey team. With an impressive 49 years of experience in the survey industry, including 11 years at Dibble, Steve is a seasoned surveyor. His passion for surveying is matched by his love for nature, as evidenced by his devotion to his ranch outside of work.

“I like being in the wilderness, retracing the steps of another surveyor a hundred years earlier and finding the monuments he set. I enjoy the connection between him and I, knowing I am experiencing the same geography, discomfort, and beauty as he. I recall standing on a mountaintop, surrounded by snow, overlooking a saddle with a herd of deer passing quietly through, their heads just above the clouds. I recall standing on a rock outcropping overlooking US 60 (east of Superior) 500 feet up, tying a monument set 75 years earlier. It was windy and straight down on three sides.

I enjoy discovering how all the physical sciences impact measurement. I enjoy the art of map preparation. I enjoy piecing together the jigsaw puzzle to reveal the true boundary. I enjoy the impact of land law and how it changes through the years through case judgments. I enjoy negotiating a property line agreement between neighbors where all walk away happy.

There’s much moreā€¦”

Steve’s passion for surveying knows no bounds, and his wealth of experience is a testament to the enduring allure of the surveying profession.

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Rebecca Argo