23rd Street Sewer Capacity Augmentation

Splitting the flow with a diversion.

Dibble performed hydraulic analysis and design of a parallel 24-inch gravity sewer to augment flows in the existing 18-inch gravity sewer. Both discharge to a 48-inch gravity sewer. Due to existing constraints, both gravity sewers needed to be used, requiring Dibble to design a diversion structure to split flows unevenly to allow the majority of the flow to be conveyed by the 24-inch sewer, while excess flows would be conveyed by the 18-inch sewer. The design of the new 24-inch gravity sewer required significant SUE effort and extensive traffic control in coordination with local businesses.

New Manhole Tying UDA Sewer Line into Sewer Main


City of Tempe

Tempe, AZ

$221 K

Project Lifecycle

Installing 24-inch VCP Sewer Pipe on 23rd Street