99th Avenue Interceptor at New River

Providing a trifecta of services for Peoria New River Residents.

Dibble provided assessment, design, and construction phase services for the repair of an existing 36-inch interceptor sewer which required close coordination with area residents and permitting from the FCDMC due to its location under New River. Design of a parallel 36-inch diameter sewer interceptor pipe to enhance overall system capacity, and improvements to an existing metering station and new OC system, were part of the design. As part of the Design-Build team, Dibble proactively worked with the contractor throughout the construction phase with project meetings, submittal review, RFIs, field orders, and assisted in startup and integration of the new meter station and OC system.

Sewer Junction Structure


City of Peoria

Peoria, AZ


Project Lifecycle

Site Wall around Metering Station and Odor Control System
Cleaning of Existing Siphon