Arizona State University (ASU) Waterline Replacements

In 2020, the City of Tempe initiated a multi-year water main replacement project at ASU, primarily focusing on addressing the aging water mains on campus. Throughout this challenging undertaking, the project team, led by Dibble, successfully navigated historic buildings, iconic trees, and heavily traveled sidewalks. Given the campus’s distinction as an arboretum, the project team emphasized safeguarding rare, century-old trees.

To minimize disruption, the project team divided the endeavor into four phases, strategically planned to coincide with limited construction windows between semesters. Collaborating closely with the City and ASU staff, the design team, and the construction team, Achen-Gardner Construction, LLC, ensured the project’s success by considering critical factors such as the history of water main breaks, student accessibility, fire access, and the avoidance of water service interruptions.

The team implemented creative solutions to overcome various obstacles, including congested utility tunnels and concerns regarding vibrations affecting research labs. Strategies like conducting night work, deploying multiple crews, and procuring materials in advance were instrumental in meeting the project’s demanding schedule requirements.

Continuous coordination and transparent communication among stakeholders were pivotal in this accomplishment. With three phases successfully constructed over the past two years, the final phase remains on track for completion in the Summer of 2023.

This transformative project exemplifies the power of flexibility, teamwork, and effective planning, showcased through the successful collaboration of the design team, the contractor, ASU, and the City. Stay tuned for further updates on this remarkable endeavor!


City of Tempe

Tempe, AZ

Expected Completion
Summer 2023