Central Mesa Reuse Pipeline Alignment

Providing a water supply for current and future growth.

The City desires to utilize reclaimed water to send to the Gila River Indian Community (GRIC) in exchange for Colorado River water to increase resilience of the water supply for current and future growth. Dibble developed three scenarios were developed as potential alignment locations: Mesa ROW, RWCD ROW, or EMF ROW.

Exhibit of the top five scoring routes


City of Mesa

Mesa, AZ

$75 – $88 M

Project Lifecycle


Dibble is providing professional services through an on-call contract for the Central Mesa Reuse Pipeline Alignment. The team performed a study that evaluated potential alignment scenarios that were analyzed considering multiple factors, including utility research, geotechnical impacts, right-of-way/easement and regulatory permit screening, stakeholder outreach, and estimated cost. Findings and conclusions have been documented into a Summary Report for the City. Dibble is performing program management for the design and construction of the phased alignment replacement.

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