Peoria-Beardsley Road Force Main Rehabilitation

The longest rehabilitated pipeline in Arizona history.

Dibble provided assessment, design, and construction administration services for the City of Peoria Beardsley Wastewater Reclamation Facility 8-inch diameter ductile iron pipe waste activated sludge force main. Dibble assessed the condition of 13,900-linear feet of force main by extracting samples from the force main and conducting various tests which included wall thickness, stray current, soil corrosivity, chemical spectroscopy, and metallurgical. Dibble determined the force main was in various stages of deterioration and provided design options for rehabilitation, utilizing a sliplining technology. Several slip lining products were considered, but fusible polyvinyl chloride (FPVC) pipe was recommended base on length of installation and cost.

Slipline Installation during Construction
Cut and Fill Section
Stage of Deteriorated
Force Main Pipe
Stage of Deteriorated
Force Main Pipe


City of Peoria

Peoria, AZ

Assessment, Design, and Construction

Project Lifecycle

Dibble provided design drawings depicting access pit locations, installation lengths, and preliminary by-pass plan. Construction administration
and inspection services included shop drawing submittals, requests for information (RFIs), and on-site inspection of work. This project was awarded the 2020 AZ Water Association Project of the Year and 2020 Public Works Project of the Year – Less than $5 Million.

The project provided a cost-effective solution for a nitrate removal system, storage, and booster pump station to provide flow and maintain pressure to the distribution system.