Prescott Regional Airport Taxiway Charlie Relocate & HOT Spot Mitigation

Performing extensive topographic survey and Global Positioning Systems to support the success of a taxiway relocation.

Portions of Taxiway C at the Prescott Regional Airport (PRC) needed to be relocated to meet the minimum FAA requirement of 400-feet of separation from existing parallel Runway 3R-21L. In addition to the relocation of Taxiway C, it was determined that verified/identified Hot Spots No. 3 and 4 should be also mitigated as part of this project since those Hot Spots are located adjacent to the relocation project.

Survey tasks completed included topographic features, survey shots of pavement, and other relevant feature throughout the project area. The limits of the new topographic mapping centered around the improvement area. Any visible drainage infrastructure near the improvement area was surveyed for use in the design. The survey included horizontal and vertical locations of existing pavements, facilities, utilities and catch basin elevations impacted by this project. Dibble utilized the existing datum control for the airport to facilitate the topographic survey effort. Global Positioning Systems (GPS), conventional, and differential leveling were utilized to establish the required temporary control.

Pavement location where survey shots took place


City of Prescott

Prescott, AZ


Project Lifecycle