San Manuel Airport ALP Update and Narrative

San Manuel Airport is a public-use general aviation airport with one runway measuring 4,207 feet long. It is owned and operated by Pinal County. Dibble worked with the county to complete a comprehensive airport master planning process in 2014, with the San Manuel Airport Master Plan (AMP) and Airport Layout Plan (ALP) depicting proposed future development. Since that time, Pinal County’s vision for the airport’s future development has shifted from the vision that was presented within the AMP and ALP. The vision for the airport has changed in part due to the county’s partnership with the SunZia Southwest Transmission Project – an interstate electric transmission line project that will transport energy from Arizona and New Mexico to customers and markets across the Southwest.

The Dibble aviation team worked with the county and other stakeholders on an ALP update and narrative that reflects Pinal County’s shifted focus for the airport. The updated ALP provides revised aviation demand forecasts and facility requirements through the next 20 years. It also assesses requirements for airside and landside facilities based on existing conditions and future demand. A small public outreach component was included related to the SunZia project occurring near the airport. A recommended capital improvement program and funding sources were also provided to assist with the county’s financial planning.


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