Sanitary Sewer System Rehabilitation – 2016

Assessing hundreds of manholes in the City of Chandler.

The City of Chandler (City) has developed a program to assess the condition of 14,370 linear feet of existing 60 and 66-inch diameter sanitary sewer pipes, 500 access manholes, and 1500 manhole ring and cover grades around the City. Standard Technical Specifications will be developed for use in various projects to make repairs found to be structurally defective in the assessment program.

Manhole Cover Marking for Assessment


City of Chandler

Chandler, AZ

$421 K

Project Lifecycle

After assessments were completed, Dibble recommended and created a rehab construction project for the City to implement. The resulting project construction management was performed by Dibble under a separate contract.

Manhole Cover Marking for Assessment

Additional services were completed to facilitate the transfer of data into the City’s GIS system.