Santiago Trail Water Facility (D-B) Reservoir and Pump Station

The Largest AZ Water Project

The Arizona Water Company initiated the Santiago Trail Water Storage and Treatment Facility to build a new Nitrate Removal facility, one 2-million galled water storage tank, a 10.8 million-gallon per day booster pump station, and related appurtenances as the Santiago Trail Water Facility Site located in the City of Casa Grande. The infrastructure was intended to be designed and built to remove nitrates, store, and pump water from Pinal Valley Wells No. 29, 32, and 33 to nearby communities.

Booster Pump Station and Water Storage Tank


Arizona Water Company

Casa Grande, AZ

$693 K

Project Lifecycle

As part of a design-build team with Fann Environmental, Dibble provided the design of the required infrastructure and obtained all permitting and governmental approvals. This high-profile project was the largest the Arizona Water Company had accomplished and included coordination on many levels with the facility located near a residential area and freeway.

The project provided a cost-effective solution for a nitrate removal system, storage, and booster pump station to provide flow and maintain pressure to the distribution system.

Nitrate Removal Facility