Amzie Cox, PE, RLS

Amzie Cox, PE, RLS

Survey Manager and Horse Lover

Tell us about your hobby.
I have been riding horses since I was 8 years old and horses have played a big role in my life since then. I love the companionship, fresh air and quiet time I get at the barn. There is something special about man’s relationship to horses. I hope I can pass it on to my boys!

What is your chosen discipline? Why do you love it?
I am a recovering engineer who has transitioned to a career in land surveying. I love that surveying is a profession that is tied to the history of the land but is constantly adapting based on new technology. There is a strong sense of community between surveyors and if you show interest and dedication, more experienced surveyors willingly take you under their wing.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Anywhere I could spend quiet undistracted time with my family….and maybe take a few naps. Daily life can get so busy it can be hard to spend quality time with those closest to us…and take naps.

If you could write a book about your life, what would be the title and why?
Flying by the Seat of My Pants: Aren’t we all just making it up as we go along?

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BS, Civil Engineering
Northern Arizona University

Registrations / Affiliations
Arizona, Professional Engineer No. 48710
New Mexico, Professional Engineer No. 23452
Arizona, Registered Land Surveyor No. 74018

Industry Experience
21 Years

Dibble Employee Since


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