Heather Brown

Heather Brown

Director of Marketing and Basketball Mom

Do you have a hobby? Tell us about it.
I love sports. I was a college athlete and have always loved the game – whatever it may be: rowing, swimming, basketball, football, futbol, track and field, etc. I’m a very proud basketball mom and my hobby is our basketball academy. It’s my passion to help children learn life skills from the game of hoop. I handle the operations of the academy and work with the co-founder on helping kids through basketball training and our AAU club.

If you could snap your fingers and become an expert in something, what would it be?
To stop time, well and restart it. I wish I could slow down time with my son, my family, and friends. 2020 seems to have that one figured out and it’s been a silver lining amidst everything to have to slow down and be present.

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BA, Public Relations
Central Washington University

University of Washington

MBA, University of Phoenix

Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity Alum (Iota)
Arizona Public Works Association
Society of Marketing Professional Services
Tabor 100

Industry Experience
23 Years

Dibble Employee Since


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