National Public Works Week: ASU Waterline Replacement

As we continue celebrating National Public Works Week, we want to highlight a Dibble-led public works project replacing ASU’s main waterline that has involved significant collaboration and innovation.

In 2020, the City of Tempe started a multi-year water main replacement project on campus, addressing aging infrastructure while preserving ASU’s historic campus and arboretum.

Led by Dibble, the project team rose to the challenge of navigating historic buildings, iconic trees, and busy sidewalks. Given the campus’s distinction as an arboretum, the project team emphasized safeguarding rare, century-old trees.

To minimize disruptions, the team developed a four-phased approach, strategically planned during limited construction windows between semesters. Close collaboration with the City, ASU staff, and all stakeholders played a crucial role. The team overcame obstacles through creative solutions, like night work, multiple crews, and proactive material procurement. Their dedication ensured demanding schedule requirements were met without compromising quality.

Three phases have been completed successfully over the past two years, with the final phase on track for Summer 2023 completion. Flexibility, effective planning, and remarkable teamwork from the design team, contractor, ASU, and the City made it possible.

This project exemplifies collaboration’s power and shows how infrastructure improvements can preserve institutional legacies. Stay tuned for updates on this transformative endeavor!

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Mandy Kizer