Real People: Nick Westphal, Engineer-Lete and Tetris Packer

Meet Nick Westphal, a civil engineer-lete who hasn’t met a trail he didn’t want to tackle with his favorite Saucony running shoes.

Nick’s passion for engineering goes hand in hand with his love for travel and fitness. He has worked on numerous transportation and land development projects involving transportation design, signing, striping, utility design, site grading, drainage analysis, and construction inspection throughout the Southwest. He uses his expertise to help communities improve access to essential services.

When Nick’s not in the field, you can find him lacing his running shoes and hitting the pavement. Running is not just a hobby for Nick – it’s a way of life. He has completed marathons and half-marathons in various Colorado cities, always seeking new challenges and terrains to conquer. Whether it’s a scenic route through the countryside or a bustling city street, Nick embraces the journey and savors every step.

As a civil engineer, Nick is passionate about building a better world and believes in the importance of taking care of himself – helping him stay focused, energized, and inspired. “It is a great way to clear the mind while being active, and it can be done anywhere anytime,” says Nick.

Read more about Nick’s experience as an engineer here.

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