Bank of America Data Center, Security Fencing, and Substation

Data Center Facility

Dibble provided survey, civil design, and construction administration services on a 15-acre site for a new data center for Bank of America. The design work for this Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) project included working with the Owner and Architect to establish a site/circulation plan; preparing grading and drainage plans; utility design and relocation plans; abandoning and providing new utility easements for the project; and limited construction administration assistance.

Security Fencing

Security Fencing
Dibble also provided civil design services for security fencing to enclose the parking lot and facility. The existing parking lots and driveways required redesign to accommodate the installation of the security fencing. Dibble coordinated with the architect and structural engineer on the design elements required for the fencing, gates, and wedge barriers. Redesign of the existing parking lots was also done to separate secure parking areas from regular parking. Also including in the design components were grading and drainage and utility relocations, as well as limited construction administration assistance.

Electrical Sub-station
This project also included a new Salt River Project (SRP) electrical substation and an extension of power to the site. Dibble provided the site design for the sub-station and integrated the incoming overhead power line and poles into the design of the adjacent parking lot as a part of the development of the overall site. Design components also included minor paving; grading and drainage; utility relocations; and limited construction administration Dibble coordinated with SRP for the site plan design.


Bank of America

Chandler, AZ

Project Lifecycle