City of Chandler Paseo Vista Park and Recreation Area

Residents with a Vision

The residents of the City of Chandler had a vision for reusing the land that was consumed by a working landfill for nearly 30 years. The man-made dirt mound with slopes rising above the City streets and houses still exists but is now covered with boulders encased in wire for erosion control, decomposed granite, wildflowers, and other plants. The Paseo Vista Recreation Area is not visible from the streets below as it the area resides atop of the mound, creating a lookout point with 360-degree views of the East Valley.

Dibble provided civil design services for the new 64-acre park. The project included site grading; road and parking lot design; water, sewer, and fire design; a pedestrian path; and a ball court design.
The grading design did not initially include gabion walls but was later requested by the City to be included for aesthetic purposes. Two restroom facilities were added to the design, both connecting to public water and sewer service. An underground tank was also designed for hand washing measures at the restroom facility. Dibble also performed a hydraulic analysis to determine the hydraulic requirements for all drainage channels and confirmed whether the areas needed redesign or not. Coordination with SRP was required for this project to allow SRP to have access to three power poles on-site. Dibble also provided design for modifications to the North retention basin, a retention basin routing pump, and the design for two silt basins. Limited construction administration services for this project were also provided.

64-acre Park


City of Chandler

Chandler, AZ


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