City of Surprise Civic Center

Dibble provided survey and civil engineering services that included the preparation of a utility master plan encompassing a one square mile area surrounding the Civic Center Campus as well as roadway plans for Civic Center Drive. The roadway infrastructure plans encompassed final construction documents as well as Engineer’s probable cost estimate for over 2,000 LF of Civic Center Drive, multiple culvert crossings, and signing and striping. This master plan will act as the framework for future development on the campus.

Dibble also prepared a Master Drainage Plan including an offsite drainage analysis using HEC-1 as well as detention basin routing onsite and roadway drainage analysis  for the City of Surprise’s 13-acre Civic Center development project. The report provided recommendations which will help guide future on-site development decisions. This was done by considering multiple scenarios for on-site detention/retention and evaluating each scenario for their impact on downstream property owners. The results showed that although the potential reduction of on-site detention/retention did not cause an increase in flow rates at the outfall of the Civic Center development, by evaluating the effects of the development further downstream, a minimum amount of onsite storage was established.

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