University of Colorado Boulder Chilled Waterline Expansion

Dibble is providing civil design and coordinating the survey and utility locating for an approximately 500-foot extension of the existing chilled water system east on Colorado Avenue and then south to the Mathematics building on the CU Boulder campus. Dibble is coordinating with our client, SynEnergy, and the university’s project manager to establish the horizontal and vertical alignment of the chilled waterlines to maintain the appropriate ground cover and clearance from exiting utilities based on the ground survey and existing utility information including utility potholes.

Dibble will be responsible for preparing the plan sheets for the alignment and the civil specifications for the project. The project will also extend a compressed air line to a location west and south of the Mathematics building. Dibble is working closely with CU Boulder staff the make sure existing hardscape and landscape are preserved and/or replaced to a quality above their current condition, protecting the sense of place on the campus.


University of Colorado Boulder

Boulder, CO

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