Higley & Baseline Intersection Improvements

Creating a 50-year intersection for the safety of traffic-goers and pedestrians.

Higley Road and Baseline Road are six lane arterials with single left turn lanes on all legs. Dedicated right turn lanes are provided on all legs with exception to eastbound Baseline Road. A traffic impact assessment for the proposed CityGate development on the southeast corner of the intersection recommended installing dual left turn lanes on Higley Road to mitigate additional traffic volumes anticipated to be generated by the development. To create a 50-year intersection, the Town selected to install dual left turn and dedicated right lanes on all legs. During the development of a Project Assessment, the Town was presented with two widening alternatives consisting of symmetrical widening about the roadway centerline and asymmetrical widening to the northwest to mitigate impacts to utilities as well as preserve improvements from the recent ST146 project. Based upon reasons discussed in the Project Assessment, the Town selected to proceed to final design with the asymmetrical option. Roadway drainage, traffic signals, roadway lighting, signing & marking, and landscape & irrigation within the project limits will be relocated or replaced.
In addition to the improvements at Higley Road and Baseline Road intersection, an eastbound dedicated right turn lane and traffic signal was installed at the intersection of Baseline Road and San Benito Drive. The traffic signal at Higley Road and Baseline Road was relocated to accommodate the new alignment of the curb and sidewalk.

New Right Turn Lane


Town of Gilbert

Gilbert, AZ


Project Lifecycle

Newly Paved Sidewalk

Dibble designed roadway and drainage improvements at the intersection to the full major arterial standards on all legs. The improvements included new curb, gutter, sidewalk, landscaped medians, sewer, RWCD waterline relocation’s, street lights and traffic signals. Dibble successfully conducted all coordination with utility companies, including RWCD and SRP. Dibble also provided supplemental topographic survey, legal descriptions, and signing and marking design.

Addition of Two Left Turn Lanes