Maricopa County Intake Transfer and Release Facility and Detention Facility

Reduced Construction Costs

Dibble provided survey and civil engineering services for this project that includes the new construction of a single building to house a 512-bed, 72-hour Inmate Transfer and Release Facility (ITR) along with a 1,280-bed medium-security Detention Facility.

This project was constructed within a floodplain and includes complex hydraulics and hydrology modeling to provide a drainage solution that protects the building from flooding, maintains existing drainage patterns and maintains or reduces runoff quantities and volumes. Significant earthwork import was required to raise the building above the adjacent base flood elevation and 100-year water surface elevations. Multiple drainage channels were required to convey flows around and through the site, while protecting the building.

Dibble provided early drainage and earthwork modeling and analysis to help select a building location that minimized earthwork and worked within the floodplain constraints. Dibble’s early Mass Grading Plan helped the County reduce construction costs by taking take advantage of excess soil from a nearby project. Elements of the scope of work include:
• Master Planning
• Floodplain analysis
• RID Canal relocation
• Public right-of-way roadway improvements
• On-site grading/drainage
• Utility infrastructure coordination/design

Rendering – Overall View


Maricopa County

Phoenix, AZ


Project Lifecycle