Navajo Division of Transportation On-Call

Supporting the Navajo Nation’s long-term transportation needs.

Since 2014, Dibble has been the on-call engineering consultant for the Navajo Division of Transportation (NDOT). NDOT maintains a majority of the 14,733 miles of public roads within the Navajo Nation. Dibble is providing services to assist NDOT with project management; highway, traffic, geotechnical and structural engineering; environmental and cultural resources; construction management; road maintenance; and airport/airfield maintenance, planning and engineering. Our extensive experience in designing, constructing, maintaining, and operating roadway networks has been instrumental in helping the Nation fulfill their long-term transportation needs.

Monument Valley Low Water Crossing



Navajo Nation, AZ

Project Lifecycle

study, planning, design, construction, O&M, rehabilitation
N251 Culvert and Roadway Project
NDOT Fairgrounds
Grand Falls Highway Corridor Study
Red Valley High School Parking Lot Improvements