Town of Gilbert Compressed Natural Gas Facility

Supporting an environmentally-friendly fuel option for Gilbert’s Public Works Fleet.

Dibble coordinated with the Town of Gilbert to assist them with the conversion of their fleet of public works vehicles from gas and diesel to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). This included modifications to their existing parking lot to incorporate the fueling spaces for each vehicle to allow for overnight slow-fill of 42 vehicles as a part of the first phase of the project and design for an additional 30 space expansion in the second phase. The Town wanted the ability for pull-through spaces to eliminate backing maneuvers, so the vehicle movements were modeled for each size and type of vehicle they use to assure that adequate maneuvering room was provided to access the fueling spaces.

Dibble also coordinated with the local gas and electric companies to provide natural gas and electric feeds to support the new CNG fueling system. The Town also wanted the potential to allow for the sale of CNG to the school district for their buses. This required the development of a fuel island and two fast-fill CNG pumps to supply this service.

This project also included required revisions to the parking lot including additional pavement, rehabilitation of some existing pavement, and the integration of the new site drainage into the existing drainage system.

Parking Lot Revisions


Town of Gilbert

Gilbert, AZ


Project Lifecycle