U.S. Department of Agriculture Arid Land Agricultural Research Center

Pinal County

Dibble provided civil engineering site design services for a $21M, 25-acre site located in Pinal County, northeast of the Town of Maricopa. Services included a site selection and a floodplain study, and grading and drainage, site layout, parking, traffic and circulation, water distribution, and wastewater collection design. Significant project elements included balancing the site earthwork on a flat field previously leveled for agricultural purposes and designing an independent, self-sufficient water system including supply well, storage tank, delivery system, and fire protection system; a sewer system with two 3,200-gallon septic tanks and over 1,000 lineal feet of leaching fields to provide wastewater treatment; and an evaporation pond, conforming to ADEQ standards for hazardous chemical waste, accommodating chemical waste flows from the site laboratory.

In addition, several alternatives were evaluated for a rainwater collection and reuse system and an on-site wastewater treatment and reuse facility, in an effort to provide irrigation water for landscaping and the reduced consumption of domestic water. Extensive coordination with the owner and the project team allowed Dibble to design a site that is functional and expandable for agricultural scientists and researchers. This facility is also used for student and general public tours and field trips.

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Pinal County, AZ


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